A downloadable game for Windows

GAME CONTROLS - Keyboard and Mouse

WASD keys or Arrow keys - move the character
Left Mouse Button
or Z key - attack (after collecting the "Attack potion")
Spacebar key - jump (after collecting the "Jump potion")
Move mouse - move the camera around the character (after collecting the "Look Behind You! potion")
Enter key - pause/unpause game

Left Mouse Button, Spacebar key or Enter key - advance the Visual Novel cutscene's text
Esc key - skip the Visual Novel cutscene

GAME CONTROLS - Xbox 360 Controller

Left stick - move the character
X button
- attack (after collecting the "Attack potion")
A button
- jump (after collecting the "Jump potion")
Right stick
- move the camera around the character (after collecting the "Look Behind You! potion")
Start button
- pause/unpause game

A button - advance the Visual Novel cutscene's text
Start button
- skip the Visual Novel cutscene


Zuleica Brave, a witch-in-training, is suddenly knocked out during one of her magic studies.

The girl awakens inside the ruins of an old castle, with her body affected by a curse that seals many of her movements (turn her body, jump, attack, sprint, etc.).

Zuleica must explore the castle and collect mysterious items, that nullify the curse's effects little by little, recovering her movements. They are needed for her to escape the castle and return home.

But... A strange presence seems to follow her every move...

Tip: To access some areas, you'll need to collect the "Run potion", to run faster.


Alisson Aguiar Müller (programmer, game designer)
Andrei Aguiar Müller (programmer, level designer, sound designer, music composer)
Stefany Minar (2D artist, character designer - cutscene)


LookBehindYou-alpha1.2.zip 28 MB
LookBehindYou-alpha1.1.zip 28 MB

Install instructions

Download the file LookBehindYou-alpha1.2.zip and extract its contents.

Then, open the file LookBehindYou-alpha1.2.exe (the file with Zuleica's icon), to start the game.


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Hi, ezez game! You are the first person that made a gameplay video of a game I created. That makes me very happy! ^u^
This is a very old game of mine, from 2015, and your gameplay video makes it look so smooth, I like your video!
I’ll make some comments below, with some insights about this game. ;)

Thanks to you, I’m full of nostalgia of the time I and my brother developed this game… <3

You did a nice playthrough! You got most of the coins and reached the exit/goal (that was “Behind You” all the time since the start of the level, xD)
I’m glad that you explored the level after you collected all the ability potions (and can “Look” in any direction with the camera), to see all rooms in a different perspective. :)

There were going to be more abilities (double jump, ranged attack, swim, grab ledges, etc.), but I eventually stopped working on it and focused on other jobs/projects.
That black wall on top of the stairs would lead to another map, the second floor of the castle, with harder challenges using all the abilities that you got at that point.
And the game would also feature a third floor, with a boss battle.

Oh, about that island with the stray potion you saw on the lower floor. That was just a remnant of an early test map that was located in that area.
I just opened the “Look Behind You!” Unity project (after many years) and I checked it. (your video made even me curious, haha)
By the way, that potion would unlock an inventory menu (by pressing the “I key” after grabbing it). xD

In the room with the Possessed Boxes, when you hear that jingle (which makes Zuleica’s portrait have a curious expression), that was supposed to hint that you’d be able to reach those platforms above with certain abilities: the left one with simple jumping, and the right one with double-jump. But I forgot to disable/make less frequent the jingle. xD
By the way, that jingle evolved into a character theme from my current project, NekoSuki, have a listen! :D

All in all, I’m very proud of Look Behind You!, this was an important step for me to create my “dream anime 3D platformer game”, haha!
This project evolved into my current project, “NekoSuki! ~ Kitty Love Adventure” (still pre-alpha, but I’m actively developing it) ^-^
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-DsZOL2Rsc
Discord community: https://discordapp.com/invite/g49pXCp

Perhaps you’ll return to this castle while playing NekoSuki… ;)

To finish up my insights, here’s a short fic I wrote, related to “Look Behind You”.
“Brave and Love” would be a game starring the same character (Zuleica) from LBY, and a wizard named Baldwin (her partner/lover).
It’s only in Brazilian Portuguese language for now, sorry!

Once again, thanks for making your gameplay video of my game! :D